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진짜 미국 트럭을 사용하십시오

4.8 ( 6688 ratings )
開発者 Hakan Uzdiyen

Use a real American truck

Use a real American truck on vast American roads.

Use of real American truck on the Great American roads and play car games for free.

a real american truck ride is a great feeling. While using this powerful American truck, realistic 3D effects add a great atmosphere to the game. Take the hitchhiker and help him to go where he wants with your American truck. With online games you will not know how the time passes. These racing games will force you in real mania. Car games will reflex and improve your attention. Car racing games should be fast but careful

You will be competing with your American truck with time to arrive in time to the address. The aim is to get the passenger and follow the map to arrive at addresses just in time.

When using American trucks, many different usage features such as snow and rain in the city, night and day conditions, crowd, traffic, mixed roads, use of vehicles will be rejected.

In the American truck driving game, a home page will be opened first. Then comes the level page to play the game. Starting from the first level here, you will be at the top level after every successful task.

There are 40 levels and 5 differentiated city maps in the game.

- Amusing Visual and Sound Effects
- Sports Car with Realistic Vehicle Physics
- 40 levels
- 5 different city environment
- Using the gear
- Swapping between right and left signal lights
- On/off headlights
- Amusing Horn sounds
- Realistic Animated Passengers
- Intelligent Traffic systems